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Ek Desh Ek Rate Packages

BTRC Commissioned Shared Packages

Ek Desh P1

525 / month

  • Price Includes 5% VAT
  • Bandwidth (IIG + BDIX + Cache): 5 Mbps
  • Shared Ratio 1:8
  • Fiber Optic Connection

Ek Desh P2

840 / month

  • Price Includes 5% VAT
  • Bandwidth (IIG + BDIX + Cache): 10 Mbps
  • Shared Ratio 1:8
  • Fiber Optic Connection

Frequently Asked Questioins

  • Ans. Shared. All available packages of Smile Broadband are shared. But this doesn’t hamper delivering the committed speed to every single user. That mean’s committed bandwidth is allocated to every single link or connection no matter how many links are running in a particular area. So, you will get package-mentioned bandwidth speed consistently 24/7.

  • Ans. No. Smile Broadband does not have or maintain or promote any FTP server. Because, according to law, all contents uploaded on the FTP servers are considered pirated and illegal since the uploaders don't have any property right over the contents that are uploaded by them. Thus, according to BTRC regulations, no ISP can own, maintain or promote any kind of FTP server for/to their users.

  • Ans. Yes only if that FTP server is public and allows traffic from any internet service provider.

  • Ans. We provide “Dynamic” Real IP which is slightly different from a “Static” Real IP. In “Dynamic Real IP” your IP will be continuously and automatically changed after a certain period of time. This allows you to access and explore the web more smoothly without any blockage.

  • Ans. Absolutely not! You will enjoy unlimited data in uploading and downloading at committed bandwidth speeds 24/7 because we don’t have any FUP and there is no peak or off-peak time for Smile users.

  • Ans. Yes. For a new connection, a subscriber needs to pay Tk. 2000 as installation charge (non-refundable) and one month’s advance subscription fee. But sometimes this cost may change due to the user's location & promotional offers. The installation charge covers the cost of installation and maintenance of fiber optic cable and ONU device for lifetime until the subscriber discontinues the connection.