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No. 1 Broadband Internet Service Provider in Bangladesh with most cost effective package plans.

SMILE Broadband- a service brand of BDCOM Online Ltd., is now a common name among the home broadband users of Bangladesh as the Brand has now emerged as the top broadband internet service provider in the country. With super fast speed, 24/7 customer support, countrywide network and the best value for money broadband internet package plans, Smile topped the wish list of internet users in Bangladesh.

Satisfied customers paved the way to become the brand smile is today and this is the motivating reason for everyone in the team to pursue the goal of satisfying the users above all. To satisfy the ever increasing demand of the internet users in Bangladesh, smile has designed its internet package plans to provide more bandwidth speed at less price.

So don’t get confused between the peak and off-peak riddle, have a look at our most affordable broadband internet packages and choose what suits best to your requirements. To get the broadband connectivity, just fill up the connectivity application form or call 09666 666 666. After that our team will contact you immediately with all additional details and ensure a prompt installation service.